Dameron Hospital | Health Outlook | Spring 2018

dameronhospital.org 7 WE CAN HELP! Tired of dealing with varicose veins? Call 877-835-7938 for an appointment. WHEN Harold Shafer went in for a consultation with Daren Primack, MD, about his ongoing issues with varicose veins, he was unsure of what to expect. After living with painful and unsightly varicose veins in his right leg for more than a year, he had resigned himself to a sedentary lifestyle because of his condition. After learning more about the new, high-tech VenaSeal™ treatment for varicose veins and how quickly it could help get his leg back to normal, Shafer decided to give it a try—and he’s glad he did. “I couldn’t even stand up for very long before my legs would start to ache and feel sluggish,” Shafer says. “Doing yard work or even playing with my grandchildren was difficult because being up on my feet made the problem worse. It was also embarrassing to show my legs because the right leg was very swollen from the knee to the ankle and it was really discolored because of the poor circulation. In fact, I couldn’t even wear my shoes because my right foot was double its normal size.” ‘It’s so nice to have my life back’ “Since having the procedure, I can stay on my feet for as long as I need to,” he continues. “I can take care of my yard again and lead a normal life. All of the swelling is gone and my skin color has improved. Both of my legs now look the same and I can wear shorts again if I feel like it.” According to Shafer, the procedure was painless and the results were immediate. “After the procedure was done at Dr. Primack’s office, I got up, did my paperwork and walked out of there without any pain—and it’s been gone ever since,” he says. “I’m the neighborhood ‘grandpa,’ and I’m looking forward to putting up my holiday decorations again for all of the kids to enjoy. It’s so nice to have my life back again.” Harold Shafer, VenaSeal patient