Dameron Hospital | Health Outlook | Spring 2020

The Patient Safety Honor Roll uses objective, publicly available patient safety measures to evaluate hospitals across a variety of areas, including hospital-acquired infections, adverse patient safety events, sepsis management, patient experience and a Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade. Developing the criteria to identify high-performing hospitals was an 18-month, multi-stakeholder process of rigorously evaluating existing national patient safety scoring systems and adapting them for the available measures and unique features of California hospitals. DAMERON HOSPITAL has been recognized by Cal Hospital Compare, in partnership with the California Health and Human Services Agency, for achieving a high patient safety profile in comparison to other hospitals and has been placed on the Cal Hospital Compare 2019 Patient Safety Honor Roll. We are among 77 out of the 327 adult, acute-care hospitals in California considered for this distinction. “This recognition reflects the high priority we have always placed on patient safety and doing what’s best for our patients,” says Daniel Wolcott, Dameron Hospital president. “Our community deserves a hospital that provides a positive patient experience and consistently delivers safe and reliable care. We work hard to earn our patients’ trust, and this recognition confirms that we’re on the right track.” The Patient Safety Honor Roll uses two approaches: an algorithmic method, based on individual hospital performance across 12 patient safety measures, and Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grades. Honor Roll hospitals had to meet a rigorous threshold of performance by having at least two-thirds of measure results better than average and no measure result in the bottom 10%, and/or a Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade A for the past three reporting periods. Quality you can count on To see the full Patient Safety Honor Roll, go to CalHospitalCompare.org . “This recognition reflects the high priority we have always placed on patient safety and doing what’s best for our patients.” — Daniel Wolcott, Dameron Hospital president The 2019 Patient Safety Honor Roll recognizes 77 adult, acute-care hospitals with high safety profiles in comparison to other hospitals. This Honor Roll offers Californians a rigorously evaluated list of hospitals that have consistently demonstrated a strong culture of safety across multiple departments. And it offers hospitals yet another valuable tool to evaluate and celebrate their own performance in comparison to others. The 77 hospitals represent 24% of the 327 adult, acute-care hospitals considered for the Honor Roll. For the algorithmic method, measures include hospital-acquired infections, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality PSI 90 Composite, sepsis management, and patient experience. The use of both an algorithmic method and the Leapfrog scores provides two complementary signals of high patient-safety performance derived from publicly reported information. We are on a roll How the Patient Safety Honor Roll works 14  Health Outlook • Spring 2020 NEWS